Why we love Instagram’s fresh new rebrand (and a look at ours!)

We were really excited to see Instagram’s fresh new logo and design, unveiled earlier this month. Gone are the days of the retro camera icon that the world’s biggest photo-sharing platform launched with back in 2010, and in its place is a bold, bright, sunset-coloured image.

Instagram New LogoInterestingly, Instagram’s revamped logo is a distinctly smooth, flat design – similar to those used by Google and Uber. A more simplified design overhaul has also taken place within the app itself to put more focus on users’ photos and videos, according to Instagram.

We love Instagram’s new look here at Avocado Social, especially as we’ve recently freshened up our look as well (more on that later!).  Here we look into the reasons behind the changes and why all brands should consider a periodic refresh.

Switching things up makes total sense given the app’s incredible evolution over the past six years from a fairly niche, hipster photo filtering tool to its unrivalled position as the world’s number one destination for sharing photographic moments. Now proudly owned by Facebook and boasting 400 million users worldwide, Instagram’s journey is truly impressive and the overhaul seems fitting to mark its success and new trajectory.

Instagram’s Head of Design himself, Ian Spalter, described the new icon, which was also reflected across Instagram’s family of apps (Layout, Hyperlapse and Boomerang) as denoting a new maturity for the company. In his blog for Medium, he candidly revealed that Instagram’s app image ‘was beginning to feel, well…not reflective of the community, and we thought we could make it better’.

It reminds us of another makeover from a disruptive company two years ago, when Airbnb launched its new logo. The more grown-up look marked a change in the platform’s remarkable climb from bedroom startup to a global empire that has shaken up the entire accommodation industry.

Airbnb LogoAs The Guardian journalist Oliver Wainwright wrote at the time, never underestimate the power of an image update:  ‘In its memorable simplicity, [Airbnb’s logo] has an instantly recognisable graphic power equal to the company’s increasing ubiquity’. Whilst the new logo faced a fair amount of backlash, it certainly drew attention to the brand and generated incredible amounts of buzz.

Back to Instagram and we’re certainly intrigued to see what’s next to come in its bright and bold new chapter, given that that the last year alone has seen a surge on advertising revenues, a significant focus on video and exponential growth in users.


We’ve also recently undergone a brand refresh to mark a new chapter for Avocado Social. Our founder Alison Battisby sheds light on the thinking behind the overhaul:

‘After launching Avocado Social in 2014 and a really successful year I felt the need to take our branding and website to the next level. It was crucial to maintain a friendly feel whilst still looking slick and professional.

A brand refresh, when done right, can make a powerful statement to the world, it’s a chance to mark the growth of the brand, reset the focus and welcome in the new. I’m really happy with our new look and feel – it’s simple and accessible, just like our brand!’

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