COVID-19 Advice for Social Media Managers

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on every business, and individuals around the world. As the news moves extremely quickly, we are doing our best to provide our community with some useful advice on how to move forward.

Social media has a huge role to play in communicating your brand’s approach to the current crisis. As things continue to progress, we wanted to put together some guidance and advice based on recent conversations with experts, clients and our view on best practice.


Immediate Actions

  • We strongly recommend that you review your current social media calendars to ensure that the posts you had planned, and possibly even scheduled are still appropriate. You may need to remove posts which could be seen as slightly insensitive given the current climate.
  • Increase content around ‘activities at home’ if you can. This could be recipes, activities with the children, gardening, home improvement, online learning, online communities and chats etc.
  • Don’t instil panic! Try and keep your tone positive, reassuring, helpful, empathetic and compassionate. This can be tricky, so please feel free to soundboard ideas in our Group.


Social Media Managers Handbook

We have developed a handbook for social media managers looking to make a statement about their approach. Many of the examples have been taken from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – where brands are sharing their day to day updates and changes.

We will be keeping this handbook up to date with examples that we spot. Please do share any within the Avocado Social Media Facebook Group, which is our free community for social media managers.


Online Courses

At Avocado Social, we host public workshops in London on topics such as advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and advanced tactics on building your communities. We have moved these courses into online formats for now. Here are the details below of what’s coming up:

26th March: Facebook and Instagram Advertising for your Brand:

1st April: Grow and Nurture: Advanced Social Media Marketing

17th April: Grow and Nurture: Advanced Social Media Marketing

(Same course, but alternative date)

We also have a series of online courses for learning in your own time. You can find details of these here.

Please get in touch if you’re stuck, want a chat or have any questions about anything above. We’d love to help you with ideas, inspiration and support in any way we can.